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YXH Tube Mill Attending Shanghai International Expo Centre

Released Date: 2018-09-26 Hits:

"Shanghai New International Expo Centre ",From September 26th to 29th ,2018! E1A33, Foshan YXH Tube Mill & Mould Co.,Ltd ,Welcome to your visit.

Foshan YXH Tube Mill& Mould Co.,Ltd products are majorly used by stainless steel and carbon steel ,galvanized steel pipe machine manufacturers industries ,trade and suppliers across more than 34 countries satisfied customers. we believe that today in our successful journey there is a major role of supporters ,family members, good customers and staff members well wishers.

Foshan YXH manufacturer, stock and supply welded stainless steel tube &pipes making machine and specialized to serve all kinds of pipe polishing machine ,pipe roller set , pipe embossing machine, tapering machine , threading machine ,slitting machine with competitive price ,high quality and low lead time for delivery.

To be the China's reliable and innovative stainless steel pipe production line and roll set products manufacturer, services and solution provider in the steel industry. If you are interesting in steel pipe production line industry ,welcome to YXH ,Welcome to Shanghai New International Expo Centre, We are here and visit for your coming.

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YXH Tube Mill Attending Shanghai International Expo Centre