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On-line Bead Rolling Machine

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Bead Rolling Machine
Bead Rolling Machine
1. Descriptions
1. Main motor: 11KW
 2. Pipe diameter: 19mm--76mm
 3. Pipe thickness: 0.8mm--2.0mm
 4.The length of the forming shape: 290mm
2. Usage 
This machine is used for one-line treatment of welded joints of stainless steel pipe ,rolling on the inner and outer welded joints repeatly to keep the joints somoth and make the welded pipe seamless . 
3. Feature
hydraulic air control system, auto electric hydraulic air control system with PLC
4. Specifications:
1. Pipe Materials: Stainless steel/ iron/ copper Innerand outer welded levelling  machine; .
2. Machinable diameters range: 19-76mm.
3. Machinable thickness range: 0.2-2.5mm. 
4. Features:  Best processing quality,  lower price and high efficiency characteristics.